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    I often use Foxit mobile pdf reader on my Android tablet to read some long(hundreds of pages+) documents (Foxit is best for that as it can immediately skip to a page far away, unlike Google/Adobe reader that seem to first render all previous pages in order).

    One of the few features why I still have also Google drive PDF viewer installed, is that Foxit reader can't zoom pages outwards.

    Zooming outwards is useful when I want to quickly scroll and skim through large amount of pages trying to find some specific page, when I know what it looks like but don't remember page number.
    In Foxit reader's continuous mode I can see only one or parts of two pages at time, and it's hard to get overview of the pdf. And I like to use my tablet in landscape orientation so then I see only small portion of a page in continuous reading mode.

    In single page mode landscape orientation a page is kind of zoomed out

    but it still doesn't show multiple pages on screen at same time, like in continuous mode.

    Thumbnail view kind of works, but it's not as handy or fast to use as just zooming the pdf outwards.

    If it was implemented, it should be kind of sticky/resistant zoom(when zoom is at 100% you need to zoom out some extra before page actually zooms) so that one doesn't accidentially zoom out beyond 100%.
    Or there should probably be option to enable/disable it in settings, as some people might prefer to not use it.
    Maybe not so useful on small phone screens but it would be handy on a tablet.

    Also, a scrollbar might be useful.


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    nthg ,Thanks for your post.According to your request,we have submitted the suggestion"zoom out further than limited to the tablet width" as a new feature request to our internal feature system for our product marketing's reference with suggestion ID#MOBILE-852.

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us any time.