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  • more features please!

    hello, my name is oscar and i would first like to say thanks for creating foxit mobile. i use it daily both at school and at home. now having said that, i feel that there are a few things that could be improved. the most crucial is having more settings available. at the moment i cant even disable sleep mode from foxit mobile. while reading i have to constantly tap the screen in order to keep it from going to sleep, what gives? thats pretty much my biggest complain. the other is that the interface upon opening foxit is a bit bland. maybe a large bookshelf view would be nice. i have a few hundred books and magazines on my tablets. i use mantano reader most of the time but for my textbooks i use foxit because its better at rendering large books. if foxit had the interface of mantano, it would be the best reading app at any price........ well maybe at a max of $10! well, if anything please get that sleep problem fixed. thanks for your time and keep up the good work!

    ps: i forgot to mention that it would be of great benefit to be able to to read multiple pdfs at the same time. maybe a tabbed view like the pc version of foxit where you can view a different pdf just by clicking its tab. this would be greet and would be the first app to be able to do such a thing on android.
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    Hi Anon696,

    Thanks for the feedback. I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to Foxit Mobile PDF Reader team for processing. Suggestion ID#: MOBILE-660.