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Why does FoxIT PDF Reader Mobile need to access contacts to access Google Drive?

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  • Why does FoxIT PDF Reader Mobile need to access contacts to access Google Drive?

    Why does FoxIT PDF Reader Mobile need to access contacts in order to access Google Drive?

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    floatingduck ,Thanks for your email. When access google drive within Foxit PDF Reader Mobile for Android/iOS,Google Drive needs to obtain and record your Google account information.
    This behavior in the system permissions category belongs to get contact information.That is the reason why it said you need to access contacts in order to access google drive.


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      Thanks, but I'm not sure I understand. Google Drive is a separate service to Google Contacts. I would have expected each to have its own API calls and therefore each to have its own range of exclusive permissions. I don't buy the idea that somehow permission for Contacts is the same as permission for Drive. If Google does indeed offer that, then Google is set to breach GDPR (taking Foxit with it!).

      From Foxit's point of view, Foxit should have no access to the user's contacts, because objectively Foxit has no legitimate use of the user's contacts. So there is no justification to ask for permission to access the user's contacts. Foxit clearly would need access to the user's Google Drive, and that is the permission that must be sought, in plain user-language.


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        floatingduck ,I am sorry that I didn't explain clearly in my previous reply. Please rest assured that actually it just needs to access your google contacts rather than the user's contacts on your mobile phone.We will advise our product management team to change the wording on the permission request message,so that customers can be more aware that it just needs access Google contacts and not user's contacts when try to access google drive in Foxit PDF Reader Mobile application.


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          Thanks, but I cannot for the life of me understand why Foxit needs access to my contacts. Is Foxit planning to slurp a huge list of email addresses to go spam lots of potential new users?

          Foxit needs access to Google Drive, not to Google Contacts.


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            floatingduck In fact,the contacts just means google drive contacts rather than the mobile address list.When use google drive within Foxit application,the google drive itself's API need to get the google drive contacts. Since the accessing google drive happens in Foxit application,so Foxit application prompts users that need to access contacts.

            To avoid misunderstanding,I will feed back your comments to our product management team's reference to see if they will rephrase the message which indicates that need access contacts.
            The report ID is#MOB-4692.