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    amanda_liang Yes, thank you. Now I have one question. Why would you not allow to bookmark? its not like I want to change the content of the pdf, for example there is a picture or graph on a page, and I want to bookmark for future reference, do I need to make an anotation on another app or paper what was the page I want to remember? I don't want to change the ones that the author made.
    Thanks for the reply.


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      Barrel Titor Can you please check attached picture? it is security info of your file. As it shows, "Commenting" is not allowed. Which including Bookmarks. Hope you can understand. thanks
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        Lisa_lee lyndi_wu Can someone please, please check the messages here and see if you understand my problem? Cause maybe, maybe I wasn't expressing myself the right way, or I'm just not very smart to understand the response Im getting. But I honestly feel like I have been talking to a bot. Maybe Im wrong, I just want to know wich is it.


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          Now I have been trying other apps like Adobe Reader - PDF Reader Plus - Xodo. I can make the bookmarks in all of them, but not in Foxit. Also a weird thing, after I make a bookmark with "PDF Reader Plus" I can see that bookmark in all other apps, including foxit, and can also sudenly make bookmarks in foxit again (in the pdf that I bookmarked with Reader Plus). Just some more info on the subject.


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            Barrel Titor

            Firstly, as we all know, the pdf file is protected by the file author, it cannot be changed, including adding bookmark and comment. If you are the file author, you may also hope the file cannot be changed. Foxit always respect the protection via the pdf standard, like Adobe, when you try to comment file in Adobe, you will find that it is not allowed as Foxit.

            After carefully test with Adobe Reader and PDF Reader Plus with your pdf file, I found the below, hope they will help you to get the better understanding.
            1. It seems that PDF Reader Plus will not respect the protection, you can add comment and change pdf file, after save the change, it seems that the previous protection is lost, then you can change the pdf file in any pdf program including Foxit . This is reason for your comment in #19.

            2. For these PDF programs for Android, you may find bookmark and outline tab in the bookmark panel.

            In Foxit version6.5, outline is the actual bookmark written in your pdf file, you will get them when open in any pdf program or device, but bookmark added by Foxit version6.5 can only be seen in Foxit on the current device, if you move to another pdf app or device, you will not seen it.
            Adobe Reader for Android does have the same rule, the bookmark added by Adobe can only be seen in Adobe for current device.

            But in Foxit mobile version7.3,according to our developer, change the bookmark property, it will be the real bookmark which can be written into your pdf file, it is same as outline, so when you add bookmark for your file in Foxit version7.3, you can see the bookmark in all programs, if your file is not allowed to change, the bookmark icon will be grey.

            This is the why you can add bookmark in Foxit version6.5 but not in Foxit version7.3.

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              lyndi_wu YES! proper answer, thank you. So in the pdf I have (that is protected) I can't put bookmarks because now it writes them in the pdf file. I think I get it now.( I was always talking about bookmarks, now I know the others are Outlines)

              Im all for respecting the protection on the pdf, but I want to put some kind of mark in a page, cause the "Outlines" are only for the start of a chapter.
              Just a question. Can I put a "bookmark" that doesn't write on the pdf? will it ever be posible or the developer change it for good?maybe a feature with different name?
              Just want to know if I have an option, other than using a different reader.


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                Barrel Titor ,I am sorry that Foxit PDF Reader Mobile application doesn't provide any option for putting "bookmark" that doesn't write on the PDF since V7.1.
                According to the document restrictions summary screenshot you sent,I noticed that the printing permission in your PDF file is allowed.So you may choose to print the PDF file with Foxit PhantomPDF Printer in Foxit PhantomPDF for windows desktop to get a new PDF file without any permissions restrictions,then you will be able to add "bookmarks" to the newly created PDF file in Foxit Mobile application.

                For the Foxit PhantomPDF for windows desktop that I referred above,you could download it from our official download center below:
                It will give you 14 free trial days.
                Last edited by Lisa_lee; 06-01-2020, 01:10 PM.