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Some pdfs in Dropbox not opening

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  • Some pdfs in Dropbox not opening

    Hi, I'm using Foxit PDF Reader Mobile Version on Android, Galaxy Tab S4.

    I'm using Cloud service in Foxit to access to my Dropbox pdfs. Right now some of my pdfs open successfully, while some others don't; when I try to open the pdf in the list of my pdfs, Foxit automatically returns to the list screen.

    This happens for some pdfs, but not for all pdfs; however, all these files open successfully in my desktop Foxit.

    As I remember, this started to happen after last update; maybe there's something wrong with the last update?

    Could you check about this issue?

    Here's one more question; unlike Dropbox, it seems that I have to log in every time (more precisely, every couple of hours?) when I use OneDrive. Is there any way to keep it logged on, like Dropbox? If it is possible, I may not have to struggle with Dropbox, since in OneDrive the above does not happen.

    Thank you very much.

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    Is it possible to provide one of the PDF document that cannot be opened successfully on your side so we could upload it to our Dropbox and do the testing? What is the OS number of your Android? If you directly open the same PDF document from within Dropbox app directly, can you open the document fine? if the document is inconvenient to upload here, please email to [email protected], Attn: Cherry. Thank you.

    Regarding the frequent request to log in when using OneDrive, I've checked it with our engineer and the cause was the update of OneDrive SDK. I've forwarded your request as suggestion for product team's processing so we could improve this in the future. Suggestion ID#: MOBILE-4040. Thank you.
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      Thank you for the reply.

      My Android version says 10; although I'm not sure if this is what you asked for. I tested in the Dropbox app directly and the pdf file opened successfully. I sent the file to the email you wrote.

      Thank you for the explanation and transferring the suggestion regarding OneDrive.


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        I'm having the same issue with dropbox. When I download the file to my phone it opens without a problem, it just wont load if I open directly from dropbox. Would appreciate any help you could give me.
        I'm running on android 10
        foxit version
        I've tried reinstalling, deleting and adding the dropbox account and cleared cache several times.
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          hasz789 we have reported your issue to our team for checking by ID#MOBILE-4007, any updates will inform you. thanks