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(Android) Why the 'Phone calls' and 'Storage' permissions

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  • cherry

    When installing Foxit MobilePDF Reader from Google Play, Google Play will pop out message saying that Foxit MobilePDF Reader also needs access to the following items.
    1) Identity: Microsoft Intune support (which allow you to manage the app and protect corporate data using mobile application management policies with Microsoft Intune) has been integrated to Foxit MobilePDF for Android since version Intune requires Identity access, that's why you see Identity access in Google Play's dialog. Intune support is a feature in Business edition. The free edition also has the Intune support coding embedded, but Intune support is not activated in free edition, it doesn't matter a lot if you Accept the Identity access.
    2) In-app purchases: Password encrypt and Certificate Protect in Foxit MobilePDF Reader will require the in-app purchases permission.
    3) Photos/Media/Files: When the user need to open/delete/read documents from within MobilePDF Reader, MobilePDF Reader will require access to Media/Files. Access to Photos is not required in Foxit MobilePDF Reader, but Google Play has bundled Photos/Media/Files access together.
    4) Wifi connection information: When user need to share the document via cloud services, Foxit MobilePDF Reader will need this access;
    5) Device ID& call information: In Foxit MobilePDF Reader, there's an option for user experience improvement program. If user choose to agree to join the user experience improvement program, MobilePDF Reader will need the Device ID access. The call information is not required.

    Hope info above helps. Thank you.

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  • Louson
    Hello. I must say I really like the desktop foxit reader (on linux). I intended to download the mobile app and eventually purchase the business one. However I agree with Jan and your answer is not satisfying my doubts. An app cannot have "default" permissions to work in any way. Permissions are made to let the user control what the app does.
    I would like to get serious answer taht explain why foxit reader need those permissions?
    - In-app purchase ?
    - Identity ?? This is a pdf reader, why should I give my identity?
    - Wifi connection informations
    - Device ID & call information ??

    Unnecessary permissions might be the sign of bad programming

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  • rylees
    It is by default i guess. It will ask for permissions because it is probably designed to work that way. But by giving negative reviews you are nit helping yourself either, cause i don't think the app manufacturers would take that into account.

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  • (Android) Why the 'Phone calls' and 'Storage' permissions

    I wanted to DL Foxit Mobile PDF on my Android phone, but it wants permission to 'read phone status and identity' and to 'modify or delete the contents of your SD card'. Why? I am not willing to give any app unnecessary permission. I *will* give apps that require unnecessary permission negative reviews.