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Kindle Fire, iPad, & Surface RT

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  • Kindle Fire, iPad, & Surface RT

    Kindle Fire: I can download from Dropbox for free (unlike iPad), but not sync/upload the annotations? When I copy the PDF to the Kindle Fire, make annotations, then does not save the annotations so they are viewable (In Adobe Acrobat or Foxit for PC) after the PDF is transfered back to the PC. If I use my finger to adjust the area I wish to highlight, it works fine. But if I try to use a stylus, it zooms.

    iPad: I can open a PDF in Foxit from SugarSync, but $0.99 for Dropbox with no guarantees it will work any different than with the Kindle Fire? Not going to happen!

    Surface RT: I can't remember the details...I just remember I installed it, tried it, and deleted it within 10 minutes.

    Here's a thought...develop a product that offers the same features across every platform and maximize those features! Don't haphazardly develop an app for one OS that only halfway works, then try to charge users for those same features on a different OS!

    I am aggravated because I have spent too much time trying to establish efficient methods for studying at home, in class, in-between classes, etc. Tablets & apps should enhance this process, not hinder it! I am a father and a former U.S. Marine going back top school under the Post 9/11 GI Bill...I don't have time for mediocre apps like this. Between my daughter and myself...3 tablets and 2 PCs, Foxit has been deleted from all of them until these apps are fix. When that happens, I'll reinstall Foxit & delete Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.

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    Hi nitewing76,

    Kindle Fire: Currently in Foxit Reader for Android, "synchronization with drop box and Google drive" is not yet supported. Users have to manually upload the annotated version and download the annotated version. This feature has been added to the to-do list of Foxit Reader for Android. Suggestion ID#: MOBILE-663.
    For the highlighting become zooming when using a stylus issue, I've reported it to Android Reader team for further investigation. Report ID#: 55103.

    iPad: The synchronization with dropbox is supported.

    I've forwarded your comments to our PM team for references. Thank you.


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      Yeah, i think it would be cool to fin the app that can be universally synchronized with all devices without having to buy the same app for other devices. I mean, we should have one account that can give access to other devices in order to download the same app, but only one device per platform in order to avoid cheating users.