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    hi, since i started using foxit on my tablet in the fall it has become my default app for reading my textbooks. one problem is how the page numbers are displayed in the app. when you jump to a page on your pc using foxit it shows two page numbers, one is at it appears in the book (page iv, v, xxii, etc) and another that i guess shows the physical page number. foxit mobile seems to only show the physical page number which is a huge inconvenience for those of us that use foxit for our textbooks (there are many of us, i have converted many into becoming foxit users). when we look at the table of contents and it says page number 482 we would like to go to page 482 not page 539 which it currently does. thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    Hi anon696,

    Could you please kindly let us know the following info for further investigation?
    1) Version info of your Foxit Reader for Android;
    2) A copy of the mentioned PDF document for testing purpose;
    3) A screenshot of the problem.

    If it is inconvenient to upload here, you may send them as attachments to [email protected]. Thank you.


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      I too would like to confirm that Foxit does not show the correct "user page" (but instead the "actual page") numbers for ALL of my PDF's that contain "frontmatter".

      1) I am using version
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        Hi anon696,

        Thanks for giving us all the requested information.
        After checking the PDF file you mentioned,we noticed this PDF file you sent includes both of logical page number and Physical page number.
        So the Page structure in the PDF file appears as follows in Foxit Reader for windows desktop application´╝Ü
        logical page(Physical pages/Total pages) (eg:2(5/7)).
        However,Foxit Mobile PDF for Android is still unable to display the logical page,it will only display the Page structure as follows:
        Physical pages/Total pages(eg: 5/7)
        Anyway,I have submitted the request"to display logical page number in Page structure too when open PDF file in Foxit Mobile PDF for Android" as suggestion to our related department for their reference.Reported ID#MOBILE-739
        Hope it will be considered in future release.