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Dark mode, scroll lock, and orientation view modes on mobile?

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  • Dark mode, scroll lock, and orientation view modes on mobile?

    I just wanted to make some suggestions to improve the reading experience on iOS:

    1. Is it possible to add a proper dark mode with a black background and white text? Right now it's light purple text on a dark purple background and it's incredibly hard to read at night. I have to turn up the brightness which makes other menu elements on screen too bright at night. At some point in a past version there was a proper night mode (I think when it was first added; before we had to manually change the background and text color each time)...

    2. At one point there was a way to scroll lock so that in continuous scroll mode you could prevent distracting and inadvertent panning of the document. Ideally, when I'm in Continuous scrolling with Fit Width enabled, I'd like to only be able to scroll up and down, not pan left or right at all.

    3. Is it possible for the Foxit PDF Editor to set the view mode based on the orientation? On iPhone, I would like to have Single Page Fit Width in portrait mode and Single Page Continuous in landscape. On iPad, I think Single Page Fit Page in portrait and Facing Fit Page in landscape are ideal.

    4. Is it possible to add an option to disable the "mini menu" that appears in fullscreen? I'm not sure when this was added, but it's a little distracting when it cuts off a part of the document. This isn't a big deal, but I'm (and I'm sure many others are as well) quite comfortable bringing up the full menu to interact with the settings.

    Beyond these issues, of which the first two are the toughest to deal with, Foxit is still the best PDF viewer on iOS by a large margin. It's the only one with reliable Forward/Back location movement and with five tabs. As someone who needs to move back and forth between different parts of different textbooks quickly and often, these two features have been absolute godsends.

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    May I have a screenshot for the "mini menu" you refer to? Other suggestions have been submitted to our product manager for consideration. Thanks for the post.


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      Hisbrjct, in most recent updates, when Continuous scrolling with Fit Width enabled, the pages can only be scrolled up and down and cannot be moved horizontally. If you can pan a page left or right, it seems to me that it is not in Fit Width mode. Have you ever zoomed in the page under the mode? I guess what you want is Lock Zoom?


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        It seems that the problem with Continuous Scrolling and Fit Width allowing for the page to pan only occurs in landscape orientation on my iPhone (iPhone 12, iOS 14.7.1, Foxit PDF E 11.2.1). I can upload a screen recording of the issue if that'll help. I tested on my iPad and this issue does not occur on it. If I had to guess, it's because the iPhone 12's screen is extra wide, so panning is allowed beyond the aspect ratio of the iPad and older iPhones.

        As for the "mini-menu" I mentioned before, I mean the UI with the time and three menu dots bar on top, and the page count, editing, and bookmark symbols in the lower right. They appear when the screen is pressed to entire full screen mode and can be in the way.

        Thank you for the responses!


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          sbrjct Thanks for the reply. For the 'mini menu', could you go to Settings and turn off the function 'Display the top toolbar in full screen mode' and see if it helps? For pan issue in your iPhone 12, this occurs on iPhone devices with Notch. The Notch may cover the side of page in landscape orientation. In consideration of this, pan is allowed with Continuous Scrolling and Fit Width mode in landscape orientation. We will adjust this feature in future update.
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