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Transfering bookmarks from Windows to Android?

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  • Transfering bookmarks from Windows to Android?

    I just spent a couple of hours creating bookmarks in the Windows version of Foxit, saved the PDF, copied the PDF to my Nook. Foxit, and other PDF readers, say that the file does not contain bookmarks. Is there a separate bookmark file I need to copy? Is it possible to transfer the bookmarks to Android?

    The Foxit versions for both devices are the latest because I just downloaded them last night. I was very happy with the Windows version because of how easy it is to create and edit bookmarks, however, ultimately I plan on reading the documents on the Android.

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    Hi SaxmanJim,

    The bookmarks of the PDF will appear under "Outline" panel after it been transferred to Android Reader. Thank you.


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      If i don't have any choice to migrate my web browser's bookmark, i usually go to the "manage the bookmark" setting and then mark all the bookmarks i want to migrate, press copy and send it to my email address. So if i want to visit my favorite websites, i can just safe the email page containing those URL addresses i've sent earlier.