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  • Feature Android - Unlimited tabs

    I'm using Foxit on Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite.

    Currently the app allows only 4 or 5 tabs to easily switch between files.

    It will be great if an option is added to enable/disable tabs and another option to enable unlimited tabs. To give you a better idea, Xodo seems to have implemented this well.

    Increasing the maximum number of tabs to 10 or so may also be considered if unlimited tabs may create some issue

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    jsmidev ,Thanks for reaching out to us and giving us your feedback. Per your request,we have already submitted the suggestion " Support unlimited tabs or increasing the maximum number of tabs to 10; add an option to enable/disable tabs " as a new feature request to our product management team's further consideration with suggestion ID#MOB-5483.

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again at any time.


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      Thank you for the quick response and considering the suggestion ?


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