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  • Feature Access dictionary when marking a word

    When a word is marked, it should be possible to check that word in any of the installed dictionaries; this could be done either by: 1) directly accessing the installed dictionaries; 2) by allowing to "share" and then selecting any of the installed dictionaries. But 1) is not available and 2) does not work either (it seems Foxit only shows some of the available apps to share with, not all ---see here too: Right now, one needs to copy the word to the clipboard, then move to the dictionary app, paste word, etc.

    (A similar request to access dictionaries was made a long time ago in another forum: )
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    anon9832, We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software. Regarding the issue that you mentioned, please help to provide us with the following information for further analysis:
    1:Your device model and its OS information.
    2:Which Foxit Software are you using? And please check its version number for us.
    3:Please, take a screenshot in the Foxit application to show us what apps you could see after you click on "share" from the selected texts and then take another screenshot in Xodo or eZPDF Reader to show us what apps you could see when you try to share texts with?
    4:Which dictionary application are you using on your device? And please check its version number for us.

    Look forward to your reply.


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      Thank you for your reply, and apologies for the delay. Here are the answers to your question:s

      1. Device: Galaxy Tab S7 FE. OS: Android 12

      2. Version of Foxit: Foxit PDF Editor for Android, version

      3. sc.jpg and sc2.jpg are from Foxit. As you can see, from Foxit I can share the whole PDF or to copy the word to the clipboard. But I cannot share the word with other apps. (See also the related topic ) [I am attaching this images in a separate reply, since I can only attach 5 images]

      I screenshots X1.jpg, X2.jpg, and X3.jpg I show the sequence of marking a word and sharing with other apps using Xodo. This other app to which I send the word could be a dictionary or anything else.

      In e1.jpg and e2.jpg I am showing that sequence with eZPDF.

      4. Dictionary application: I am using Color Dict, version 4.4.6. But, as I say, the problem is more general: with Foxit, I do not seem to be able to share a word (or words) with other apps. I can share a PDF or I can copy a word to the clipboard. But not share a word.
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        And here are sc1 and sc2 screenshots, for Foxit.
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          anon9832, Thanks for your response. Per your request, we have submitted the suggestion "Support to access dictionary when marking a word in Foxit PDF Editor Mobile application and have text with some applications (e.g., AnkiDroid)" as a new feature request to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#MOBILE-4886, so that it may be considered in future versions.
          Any further questions or concerns, please contact us again at any time.


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            Thank you very much!!