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HELP needed, with complete crashing, need to get bookmarks!

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  • crash HELP needed, with complete crashing, need to get bookmarks!

    I have many books in my android smartphone and was extremely frustrated with Adobe Reader not having the option to add bookmarks. I installed Foxit Reader and was suprised by its stability, and the bookmarking option. I used it for all my books, i now have more than 60 books that i am reading bookmarked, until today i find that it CAN'T open any pdf file, it just crashes. It can open as an app from the app menu, but when i try to open any pdf file, it crashes. I don't know what is wrong and this is a catastrophe for me, and i will be very dissapointed if i can not find my bookmarks again.

    So is there somewhere that all these bookmarks are stored on the device??? So that i can back them up and reinstall Foxit Reader perhaps?

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    Hi 8009,

    Which version of Foxit Reader for Android you're having? Can you record a small video of the problem so we could know the issue intuitively? You may choose to email the video to [email protected]. Thank you.