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Remember Last Position not working

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  • Bug Remember Last Position not working

    I use Foxit MobilePDF, on Acer CloudMobile S500 with Android 4.1.2. I read pdf files in text reflow mode. When i open the same file again, it jumps 2 or 3 pages from the position where it was when i closed it. If i open and close the file, and the app, without scrolling, it opens just where it needs to be, but if i scroll the text, next time i open the app and the file, it opens 2 pages further away. Bookmarking the last position in text doesn't help either. Does anyone have an idea if it is a bug, or it it something i do, or don't do? By the way, it does that wit all pdf files i tried (around 50 of them)

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    Hi cread,

    Is it possible to send us a copy of the PDF document for testig purpose? Please let us know the detailed steps to replicate the issue. Thank you.