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Watermark in version 4.1.1?

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  • Watermark in version 4.1.1?

    Hi, I just upgraded to FoxIt Mobile PDF Reader v 4.1.1 and now all of my PDFs are displaying a watermark making it very difficult to read them. Anyone else experiencing this? Running iOS 8.0.2 on an iPad Air. Thanks, Tim

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    I'm experiencing exactly the same problem! Very annoying! The same iOS/iPad. Looks like a bug to me: it doesn't look like they "Fixed the compatibility issues in iOS 8" as it is written in the App Store.


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      Same issue by me. Extremely frustrating. Btw, i am still running iOS 7.1.2 on iPad Air (was hestitant to upgrade to 8.0.2). The problem appeared just overnight as i am still running the same v I tried to re-install Foxit (losing my pdf collection in the process..) - to no avail. I am shocked at this unexpected disfunction of the most valuable app on my device.


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        Hi guys,

        This is a view rendering bug and has been confirmed. Our iOS Reader Dev team have been working actively on a new release to fix it. Please rest assured that this evaluation mark won't be stored with the PDF file.

        Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.


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          Hi guys,

          This issue has already been fixed. You may update your iOS Reader to 4.1.2 to avoid the evaluation marks from appearing. Thank you.