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    Hello to all
    Yours foxit mobile ios app works very well and i like it
    But i have some probs trying to send my local pdf collection to the app:
    What's the suggested way for send to the app some locals pdf folders?
    The wifi integrated server doesn't works with many files and hangs..

    Thanks in advance for any reply or suggestions
    Best regards

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    For sure my (bad) english doesnt help, sorry for it

    Eg: i have 3 folders with some pdf on a pc
    What's the suggested way for transfer they to the foxit mobile ios app's?
    (The wifi 'server' option in the app works fine with 1,2,3 files but often hangs with more files)

    Thanks for any tip


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      Hi Blasco,

      There are three ways to transfer PDF documents from your PC to Foxit Reader for iOS installed on your iPad/iPhone. Please refer to the following:
      1) Use Wi-Fi file transfer feature in Foxit Mobile PDF for iOS;
      (Tap on "Network" and you'll see the address of your iPad and iPhone, then you input the address on your PC and upload the files to that address.)
      2) Email the PDF file from your PC. Tap "Mail" app in your iPad/iPhone, then open the email that includes the PDF attachment, tap on the attachment to open it then tap on "Open in" button at the top right corner. choose Foxit Mobile PDF for iOS.
      Once you choose Foxit Mobile PDF for iOS for opening PDF attachment from within Mail application, you will find a “inbox ”folder generated under “Documents” tab in Foxit Mobile PDF for iOS automatically and the files you have opened from Mail application will be listed in "inbox" folder.
      3) Upload PDF files to cloud storage, such as dropbox, google drive, .etc. Then open the corresponding cloud storage app in your iPhone/iPad to access the PDF file there.