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How to save changes to a document in the iPad reader

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  • FAQ How to save changes to a document in the iPad reader


    I have created some bookmarks and highlights in a PDF document on my iPad, using the Foxit Mobile PDF Pro app. I want to save the document to my dropbox folder, so the changes get synchronized to my other computers. (I originally opened the document from the iPad's dropbox app). But I can't find any "save" button in Foxit for iPad. I know, this is Apple's idea of an "intuitive" human interface - remove all concept of files, folders, and "saving" information. But it drives me nuts. That aside, is there any way to get Foxit to save back to the dropbox folder?


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    Well, I found a workaround. I can use the HTTP transfer feature of Foxit mobile to manually upload the file to my PC and save it to my dropbox folder. At least my annotations are not forever stuck on my iPad. But it still would be MUCH nicer if I could just save back to my dropbox folder. Then the sync would be automatic.

    BTW, I absolutely LOVE Foxit. It is worlds better than the standard Adobe reader. Any and all annoyance detected in this thread is directed at Apple for their silly ideas hiding file saves and folders from the user.



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      Thank you for the feedback, we will forward it to our PM team for future references.


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        Thanks for sharing such a good information. Its really great to have Foxit reader for I pad.


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          How to save changes to a document in the iPad reader

          So is it really worth it to pay for just better display, thats all that this new ipad has..... Apple really knows how to suck every last cent out of its very faithful customers


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            I totally agree on this one. I want to be able to markup the same documents on my iPad or PC but don't want to keep copying the latest files around. If I could just work from drop box it would make foxit the best integrated solution. You have to include this feature!!!


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              Brand new user to Foxit. Has the Dropbox sync feature been implemented? I want to sync PDF's to Dropbox folder after I edit the PDFs and then whenever iPad iOS6 is on wifi. Possible with an auto sync feature? I see there is an in app purchase for Dropbox...and I am not sure what the purchase is for.

              A web search was not very helpful.



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                Hi TIA,

                Normally you can sync PDF's to your Dropbox once you purchase the app from within Foxit Reader for iPad.


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                  Hi Cherry,
                  I have just purchased dropbox support. however, i am unable to save changes directly to dropbox. in fact when i open a file in froxit from dropbox, foxit just crashes and take me to ipad home screen. i have to open foxit and i can find my file in INBOX folder. then again, changes I save in files are not automatically updated to dropbox file. also, upon saving, file gets deleted automatically form INBOX folder. So, no changes saved wheresoever......
                  This is very much frustrating. Any solution to this?


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                    Hi rutul10,

                    Please help provide the following info:
                    1) Version info of your iOS;
                    2) Version info of Foxit Mobile Reader that you've installed;
                    3) Did it occur to any PDF document or just specific one? Is it possible to provide a copy for testing purpose?
                    4) Can the crash problem be replicated every time? Could you please make screenshots of the problem for knowing the problem intuitively?

                    You may also email the info to [email protected]. Thank you.


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                      Hello, i have a similar problem. No crashing, but I don't see anyway to save my files to my dropbox (which i paid for in-app). Can you please let me know if this is possible? Without it its a big let down for this app and misleading as well. Please respond.


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                        Hi NSFoxit,

                        Foxit Mobile PDF will automatically synced your editing to your dropbox.