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  • How to change settings

    Foxit looks good works smooth but I cannot find where to change setting. I am running galaxy note pro 12.2 kit kit. While the default settings work very good I need to tweak some settings to get max benefits. Thx

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    Apparently the same issue with Samsung Tab S 10.5; there is no "menu" button to press to get to the "submenu" (described on Foxit MobilePDF Quick Guide page 2/11) showing "WiFi, Sort By, Settings, Help, & About" in order to change views/settings.


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      Normally you can find the tool "Brightness" which you can find on the tap menu by clicking physical menu button.
      But if your mobile do not have the physical menu button, you will get a hidden menu for app, please just try long-tap the multitasking button and it will issue a "menu" command, or you can refer to the following video which will help you to access the hidden menu function to see if it helps.
      Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Tip How to access the hidden menu functionDuring the unboxing and setup of the tablet I highlighted the fact that the menu button ...


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        for samsung tab s 8.4, long press on the task manager button brings up the menu