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HELP, foxit for android highlight color change also changes pen color

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  • HELP, foxit for android highlight color change also changes pen color

    I'm using the latest version of Foxit PDF for android downloaded from google playstore

    1. when changing an already highlighted text to a different color, the highlight tool's set color changes to whatever I changed the text to. eg. tool set for yellow, highlight text is yellow, change text to orange, and tool is changed to orange as well.

    2. just noticed this one today, when i change the highlight tool color or text color, the pen color changes as well.

    to me, this is unusable due to the number of times i have to go back and change colors.

    please help, i've tried deleting and reinstalling, i've also tried to find old versions of the program with no avail.

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    1.After you have highlighted some texts and you want to change the color of highlighted texts, you should quit comment mode before doing that operation. For example, you can click on the Back button to quit, then single click on the highlighted texts, it will pop-up context menu says "copy" ,"delete", "comment" "reply",and you can change the color on the bottom color settings.
    2. It has been reported to our internal bug tracking system for further investigation. Report ID#: 64604 .


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      tried, didn't work. I also tried to reroll back to an old version ( but the same error is occuring on this version too, is it possible that some system setting associations are messed up? how do i completely uninstall like it never existed and reinstall?

      I don't know much about android tablet architecture, can't even find the install folder for the program to delete. no root access?

      I'm using samsung galaxy note 10, android version 4.1.2


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        Dear iaries,

        I apologize for any hassle and inconvenience this may cause for you.May I suggest you try to upgrade to latest version 3.8 firstly to see if it helps?
        If there is still any problem,please help to send us one PDF file sample in which you are unable to change its highlight color and pen color there for us to take a closer testing first. You may choose to upload the file sample to [email protected] and indicate this thread link when you mail to us.