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print to pdf using Foxit PhantomPDF 7.1.5 problem

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  • print to pdf using Foxit PhantomPDF 7.1.5 problem


    Thanks for nice software.

    I have a problem while printing AutoCad file for different sheets when I click print for each sheet i should rename it and save it. How I can automatically print the file without asking to rename and save each sheet. Knowing that before I did some changes in the settings the sheets were printed and collected in the nagivation panel in one tab and when I close the tab I can save the combined file (automatically combined) for one time. But know I reinstall the Foxit PhantomPDF 7.1.5 but I cannot remembered what I did before in order to automatically do that.

    Thank YOU
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    Hello Ahmad,

    Not sure how are the sheets converted to PDF in AutoCad. If you use Foxit Phantom PDF Printer to convert AutoCad sheets to PDF, please try below method.
    Navigate to File>Preferences>Create PDF> check the option 'Insert printed PDFs into previously generated documents, except those created by Foxit PhantomPDF'


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      Yes Doris I did what you said before. On my home PC it didn't work but on my work PC it work. I don't know why!!


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        Hello Ahmad,

        Could you please provide below information of your two PCs?
        1 Operating system
        2 Version of Foxit PhantomPDF. Are they both version 7.1.5? You can check this via Help - About Foxit PhantomPDF
        3 Any difference between the Printer Properties of the two? You may find the information under File-Print-Foxit PhantomPDF printer and click Properties>General. Please send us screenshots to view the difference if there is.
        4 Does Phantom in you home PC have the same original issue or have different problem?