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When file exists Auto number new files

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  • When file exists Auto number new files

    When file exists Auto number new files add the option pdf writer please

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    Could you please clarify your need so that we could better understand the feature?


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      Pretty clear to me.

      When auto-naming a PDF during the "save" phase, instead of interrupting the save because there's already a file of that name, just -rename- it with some sort of suffix.

      Frankly, a better solution (IMHO) would be to auto-name the PDF with the current date and time; in this manner, there would -never- be a file with a potentially duplicated name.


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        Dear albatros44 and rumplestilts,

        Thanks for posts. In our latest version of Foxit Reader and Foxit PhantomPDF 8.1,if need to autoname the generated PDF file and increment with a Arabic numeral if there is
        another one PDF file with the same filename already exists,you just need to do the following settings in Foxit PDF Printer properties dialog box:
        When you print document with "Foxit PDF printer",click on "Properties"button there to open Foxit PDF printer properties dialog box,please choose a target Folder for saving created PDF files
        and choose "Add a numeric suffix"item for the 'If File Exists'option there>click on"Save as default">click"OK"(Please refer to attached screenshot:setting.jpg).

        Concerning your suggestion"add the current date and time as suffix in created PDF file name",it has already been submitted to our internal feature system for our product marketing's
        reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-7293,so that it may be considered in future versions.

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