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  • Line thickness


    I am pretty new here and just started to use the PDF library. A major aim is it to create PDF files with tables on it. I found a couple of functions to create those in many different ways and styles. But there is one thing that i am missing, and I am not sure weather if I am blind or if the function that I need does not exist. I want to create tables with a simple, black line with a user-defined thickness. The only thing I got is a line with kind of a shadow or a bevel on it, so that it looks 3D. But that is not what I want. Could anybody help me? At least by confirming that this function does not exist?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Alex,

    To better understand the issue, could you please confirm below information?
    1 Which software are you using and what is the version number?
    2 Which tool did you use to add line?
    3 A screenshot to show the line you got?