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Having trouble with layers.

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  • Having trouble with layers.

    So, I've searched for other posts on this issue and haven't found a good explanation of how to make it work. Our company adds reference numbers, account numbers, and class codes to the paystub copies we keep for financial records. Different employees are paid out of different accounts based on their department. I'm trying to figure out how to create a template/layer that I can import onto a scan of the paystub so it will automatically add boxes and text where appropriate. I've attached a photo of a really simple version that I attempted with text boxes (since they include their own outlines and can save lines below), but text boxes don't seem to transfer in the layers. What I need is something I can import as a layer, have it overlay just the text/boxes (clear background, instead of white), and edit the text to add the account numbers and class. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    We highly apologize for this great delay in our reply! Regarding the situation you encountered, would it be possible to submit this sample file and other information Here? So our agent will take a look and back to you soon and please let me know the support ticket number, appreciate it.