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How to Renable Foxit-Addon

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  • How to Renable Foxit-Addon

    I am in Desktop Support at my company and have come across an issue with the Foxit-Add-in in Excel.

    The Foxit add-in used to appear on the top ribbon on the far right and would allow the user to save an Excel sheet directly to Foxit as a PDF so he could E-sign it. He stated that after clicking too quickly on a pop-up, and accepting 'something' he can no longer use the Foxit option.

    When going into Excel in the Add-ins tab I see that the Foxit PDF Creator COM Add-in is in the disabled category. I have tried reenabling it by going to the 'manage' button with 'Com Add-in' chosen, checking the box with Foxit PDF Creator and clicking OK, and nothing happens.

    I tried uninstalling Foxit and deleting all relevant software files, then reinstalling it and Excel still has the Foxit PDF Creator Add-inn disabled. I have looked through registry keys trying to see if there was a permanent setting within in Excel or Foxit and found nothing.

    Any suggestions on what to try next? Or has anyone seen this issue before and know a solution? Any advice would help thank you!

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    DS123,We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software. Regarding this issue, please help to refer to those approaches listed in this article to see if they will help.

    Any result,please let us know.