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Windows Search Size Limitations (Win 7 64)

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  • amelneach

    Locate the biggest files on your Windows PC to see where you can clear the maximum space. It's possible to miss certain files when purging parts of our hard drives to make up space. This will automatically show all the biggest files on your entire Kodi nox computer.

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  • Lisa_lee
    cocabonga ,I apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software.Regarding this situation you mentioned,we need your help to send us the following information for further analysis:
    1:Please go to "Help"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF>"About Foxit PhantomPDF" to check its version information.
    2:Is the large document you mentioned a scanned PDF file? If so,Foxit PDF ifilter can not search any text within scanned PDF file since all of pages in scanned PDF file is just image-based.
    To know whether the document is scanned PDF file or not,please open PDF file with Foxit PhantomPDF,click on "View"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Text Viewer" to see if there are texts included under the text viewer mode. If there is no texts included there,it means the document is scanned document.
    3:Please help to send us one PDF file sample in question for testing purpose? You may upload the PDF file to any cloud storage (such as dropbox) and then share us with the link where we can access it.
    If it is inconvenience to upload the files here, you may email it to [email protected] (Attn:Lisa). And indicate this thread link. Thank you.

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  • cocabonga
    started a topic Windows Search Size Limitations (Win 7 64)

    Windows Search Size Limitations (Win 7 64)


    I'm experiencing indexing issues when using windows Search on Windows 7 64. Windows Search apparently does not completely index large files, even after changing the registry accordingly. I've followed your instructions that are found here

    I've modified the registry as instructed in the "For Desktop Environment" Section, changing the keys as follows:

    MaxDownloadSize: 1024
    MaxGrowFactor: 10

    (both as decimal values)

    Windows search still won't find words appearing at the end of large documents (32mb in Size).

    Now I was wondering if Windows Search is even capable of completely Indexing large documents at all...

    Did anybody ever get Windows Search to completely Index large PDF's, making it able to find all Words? The Registry change above does not seem to work