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Using Windows Indexing services with a shared folder

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  • Using Windows Indexing services with a shared folder


    Our software is using Windows Indexing Service to search for file content. Normally we work with the standard iFilter from acrobat for searching for PDF files. When we use a shared folder within the indexing service. The iFilter doesn't work with shared folders.

    Does the iFilter from Foxit works with shared folders? with other words, is there a possibility to impersonate the iFilter process?

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    Hello there,

    Im new here and just joined the forum, I browse this forum and topics posted in it are very interesting. Can anybody out there to suggest me a free tool to convert PDF file to a ODT document?
    Thanks in advance..

    USSD (


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      Dear Wortell,

      You can index Shared folders, however, you will have to make the shared folder offline, else Windows Indexing Service will not want to deal with any connection problems when it is trying to index it. Once you make it it offline available (See, open indexing option, select modify and add the new folder to the indexing.



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        Dear Vectramind,

        Foxit SDK does not have a converter from PDF to ODT. The SDK 4.0 allows you to extract many of the PDF content, therefore, if you can use the content provided (text, image, fonts, and etc) to make a ODT document, you can do the conversion yourself.

        Else, what you can do is find a ODT print driver and use Foxit SDK to print to that print driver. It will generate a print type ODT file.



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          Indexing Service can extract both text and property information from files on the local host and on remote, networked hosts. The files can be simply members of a selected file system or part of a virtual Web hosted by, for example, Internet Information Services (IIS).


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            it will helps to share files..



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              it will helps to share files.... thanks


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                I have a bunch of folders on a network share with thousands of files in them (application logfiles). I would like to be able to search these by filename quickly and eventually programmatically (perhaps via MSIDXS). The problem is that I can't seem to add network shares to the indexing service. When I try to add a new catalog to the indexing service, the only thing I can add are folders that are under the C:\ drive. Anything with \\share\whatever\ is "invalid". Nor can I add drives that have been mapped to a network share. When I try it says the "catalog name or location is invalid."
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                  nazima ,Thanks for your post. To make the network files available in the indexing list,you must make the files available offline. You
                  may refer to the following article to know how to turn on the offline files feature on the a mapped network driver:
                  This article provides you a one-stop-shop to use offline files correctly, including enabling or disabling offline files in Windows 10 and syncing network files locally.


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                    Very interesting thread, as the forum itself thank you for the help guys!