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Is there anyway to recovery the damaged pdf file?

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  • Is there anyway to recovery the damaged pdf file?

    Most PDF files develop problems after they have been corrupted pdf either by an infected virus or unexpected failure during transfer and even sometimes you system failure while the file was still in use. If you take action quickly you can be able to stop any more damage in your PDF.
    Hope Foxit PDF will have these issues solution!

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    Sorry, we are unable to recover damaged pdf file with current program, and we have put it in to-do-list, hope it will be available in future release.


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      Yes I have the same question as pravinkumar. I think it's best if foxit will develop that kind of program for PDF. I am so sure many PDF users are also searching for a way to recover a corrupted file. You will probably be the best if you would do something for this problem. I have experienced that case before that my file was damaged so I almost cried for losing my file. That was way back my thesis days.. So it really caused a big trouble and the only solution was to make a new file again and that was the very tedious part. So please let us know if there's already a breakthrough with solving this issue. Thanks!


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        Thank you so much for trusting us, i am afraid recover damaged file function is not available in a short time. Anyway, i will pass your feedback to related team for future evaluation, hope it will be considered in future.


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          Thank you for advice!


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            Thanks a lot for your precious advice.