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Questions for features of "Foxit Embedded PDF SDK for Android"

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  • Feature Questions for features of "Foxit Embedded PDF SDK for Android"

    I am evaluating your product "Foxit Embedded PDF SDK for Android" to use in our android app. After I reviewed in the API Document from the link I cannot find the following features for SDK. Could you please confirm the following features that your product support or not?

    1. Does SDK support setting layout mode to show PDF Viewer?
    - For example, Horizontal, Vertical.

    2. Does SDK support viewing two pages when Phone/Tablet is in "Landscape" mode but viewing one page when Phone/Tablet is in "Portrait" mode?

    3. Does SDK support showing thumbnail for specified page?
    - For example, after user search keyword for all pages in the pdf file, we would like to show thumbnail for all matched result.

    4. Does SDK support cutting specified pages of the pdf file?
    - For example, user may select page 1 and 2 to send attach pdf file via email.

    5. Does SDK support hi-light matched word in the pdf viewer after user performs search keyword?

    6. If SDK support hi-light matched word in the pdf viewer, can we show all hi-light matched words in the page of pdf viewer?
    - For example, if user search by using keyword "the", there are 5 matched results for page 1. When user clicks the matched result, we would like to hi-light all matched words in the pdf viewer. So it will hi-light 5 matched results for page 1.


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    Hello Sanguancahi,

    1) Yes, use the View class, RenderPage_Start, rotate parameter will choose portrait or landscape mode.

    2) Yes, also using RenderPage_Start you can set two bitmaps on a single screen during landscape mode, using the start coordinates parameters and the size to adjust to half of the page.

    3) There is no user interface in the embedded SDK, you need to create itself but we have a function to create the bitmap that you can use for it.

    4) Currently on the Android SDK we do not have that feature but on Foxit PDF SDK DLL we do.

    5) The Android SDK demos has an example of search and highlighting, please use that as an example to help you with implementing the feature.

    6) Yes, but it must be implemented by the developer him/herself however you can use our demo to help you implement the best highlight for your needs.

    Thank you,
    Huy Tran