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Embedded PDF SDK FAQ

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  • Embedded PDF SDK FAQ

    This is a list of some of the most commonly frequently asked questions, we hope that these answers will be succinct enough to answer any questions you may have. If this FAQ does not provide you with enough information or your problem is still unresolved, please contact customer support.

    My Application is not rendering properly?
    Remember to unlock the library, in order to properly unlock the library call the unlock functions (refer to the header file fs_base.h) and put in the license id and the unlock code (found in the sn.txt file located in the library folder).

    I received a second library after linking it my application does not render properly.
    Please remember if you received a second library that you must change the license id and unlock code when you call the unlock function, you cannot mix and match libraries with other linceses.

    How do I unlock the Manual?
    After extracting the SDK, right-click and go to the Properties in the General tab at the bottom where Attributes and Security are located is a button for Unblock. Press that button to unlock the User manual.

    Where do I place the example files?
    Windows Classic: Place the files in the same directory as the executable

    iOS: Expand your package explorer and make sure none of the files are in red text, meaning the files cannot be located, and properly link them.

    Android: The example files found in the folder packaged with your SDK should be placed in ...\mnt\sdcard directory on your device.

    I am unable to compile my project
    If your NDK build fails please try these steps:

    Copy and paste the following to your file found in examples\demo\demo_<demo name>\jni:

    Change: APP_STL:= stlport_static

    To: APP_STL:= stlport_shared

    Also in file, (found in examples\demos\demo_<demo name>\src\FoxitEMBSDK\ example directory) make sure you have these lines


    If you encounter the error: "ndk-build: command not found", try adding your NDK root directory to the PATH variable:

    export PATH=$PATH:"Your NDK root directory here"


    export PATH=$PATH:/home/Huy/android-ndk-r9