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Embedded PDF SDK Quick Start Guide

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  • Embedded PDF SDK Quick Start Guide

    Hello if you are reading this thread that means you are interested in trying out our Embedded PDF SDK product and get started using our product.

    For Android development:
    First please make sure that you install the latest version of Android SDK into your IDE (ex. Eclipse), then install the latest version of Android NDK.

    Next, go to our website -> download tab -> and press the free 30-day-trial for the Embedded SDK. You will have to fill out some forms regarding the use of the SDK in order to receive an email from us with the download link.

    Extract the SDK and go to the Manual in order to display the manual properly go to the compiled HTML Help File called Foxit_Embedded_PDF_SDK_2.1_Manual.

    Right click the file and go to the Properties, on the General tab look in the Attributes field and click the Unblock field and press Apply.

    This will now make the Manual open and display properly.

    Next copy the SDK Library to fpdfemb_windows.lib to the folder (your path to your project)\bin

    Copy the header files located in the library folder of the SDK to the folder containing your project.

    For Android: After this step you must build the NDK layer
    Be sure to update the FS_Library_Unlock parameters according to your sn.txt file packaged with your SDK, found in the Library folder.

    You should now be able to build a demo (such as the one provided with your SDK) and run it.