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The Foxit control seems not to be registered when installing the created program

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  • Bug The Foxit control seems not to be registered when installing the created program

    Hi ! I want to ask for your help since I have a problem with the Foxit control .
    I have typically placed a control on form in order to allow viewing PDF files . I built the program and then created the installation file . I installed my program and ran it . When I pressed the button to show the form with the Foxit control I received that visual studio message about an exception . By reading the text I understood that some class was not registered , so I remembered that I forgot to register the necessary DLL files . I looked in the visual studio Editor and in the output directory that the program is buit and found out that there are actually 2 DLL files that have to be registered (the AxInterop.FoxitPDFSDKStdLib.dll and the Interop.FoxitPDFSDKStdLib.dll) although it seems that one of them is unused . Anyway , I took care that the two DLL files are included in the program and that the setup registers those two DLL files . Now when I install my program , it works fine and I can access the form with the Foxit control .
    However , this problem still takes place on other computers . It seems that there is still something that has to be registered , because I get the same error message .
    Let me specify that I am using VB .NET and the Standard version of the SDK .
    Is there anything to do about it ?
    Oh , by the way , maybe this is a bug ? I mean maybe is there any update I should use ? The strange thing is that although the OCX file for the Foxit control says it's version 4.0.1 , the DLL files say they are 4.0.0 .