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  • Update Glitch

    Phantom_std_updater_en_7.3.0.118 fails with "Foxit PhantomPDF must be closed to proceed with the installation. Please close it and then click Retry to continue". Windows Task Manager shows PhamtomPDF to be NOT running. This occurs on a 32-bit machine running Windows 7.

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    Normally we will open Foxit PhantomPDF->go under "Help"->"Check for Updates" then browse to select the update to install. Since this, the PhantomPDF program been opened. When proceed to install the update, you may need to close the Foxit PhantomPDF main program. Please try again.

    BTW, here's another way to install the update. You may uninstall the existing version from "Control Panel"->"Programs and Features" then download a new setup of Foxit PhantomPDF from Foxit website to install:

    Thank you.


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      I had the same issue running 7 32 bit. I closed the program and all associated pdf and plugin applications (office, browerser, etc.) and the dialog box persisted. I opened the control panel and found two instances of the process "FoxitPhantomPDF.exe *32" I closed both these processes and was able to complete the update.

      Check the Processes tab of the control panel for any of the application's processes not closing.

      ***Don't close "FoxitPhantomPDFUpdater.exe *32"***


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        Dear Jaxtraw,

        For this situation you mentioned,you may choose to open your system task manager to see if there is any "Foxit PhantomPDF Updater"process is running there?
        If so,please manually end the "Foxit PhantomPDF Updater" task in your task manager and then proceed to install updater again to see if it helps?