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How to remove lightbulb-nag?

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    Dear MJG,

    Thanks for your reply. In fact,those critical messages which would directly affect our Foxit PhantomPDF's workflow process will still pop up even if you
    select the option"Don't show notification messages again"in preferences dialog box.
    To know which messages will be suppressed with the option"Don't show notification messages again" selected,please write to (Attn:Lisa),and indicate this thread link.
    Then I will email you a document with all of the messages included.


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      Recently upgraded to PhantomPDF--thanks for adding the removal capability for that lightbulb/text recognition pop-up.


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        FOUND AN EASY SOLUTION to turn off the purple light bulb!
        Go File > Preferences > General and then check the box for "Disable ConnectedPDF Features." Click OK.

        That killed the purple light bulb for me. Now I can get back to work!


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          Hello all,
          Since V9.2 of Foxit PhantomPDF,we have added three options in preferences dialog box for users to deal with the different notification messages.
          You could find the following three options under the "General"tab in preferences dialog box.
          1:Show the message which affects the next step.
          2:Show the nofication related message.
          3:Show PDF/A message again.

          Uncheck the first option"Show the message which affects the next step" to suppress the folowing messages:
          OCR:Some pages may contain unrecognized text. You can run text recognition to make text searchable or editable.
          protected view:This file originated from a potentially unsafe location, and most features have been disabled to avoid potential security risks.
          AD RMS Protection:Foxit Software Incorporated-Confidential view only-This content is proprietary information intended for internal users only.This content cannot be modified.
          AD RMS Protection:Restricted Access-Permission is currently restricted.Only specified users can access this content.
          AD RMS Protection:This document is protected by Microsoft Rights Management.
          AD RMS Protection:To view the redacted document switch to Redacted Mode.
          Shared review:Please add your comments and click Publish Comments so that other reviewers can see them.

          Uncheck the second option"Show the notification related message" to suppress the following messages:
          3D PDF content found:This file includes 3D PDF content. To enable 3D PDF viewing,click on Help > Foxit Plug-Ins, find the U3DBrowser plugin,
          and click on the icon on the right side to turn it on. Then, re-open this file.
          Form´╝ÜThis document contains interactive form fields.
          Reflow ePub File:The display area has been resized, do you want to reflow the document content?
          Connected Review:You have joined a Connected Review on this file. You can share your comments with all reviewers now.",
          Connected Protection:This ConnectedPDF document is protected by Foxit DRM.
          cPDF:Use the Online Comment Board to view and add web-based discussion on the document.
          CPDF:You have joined a connected Review on this file.You can share your comments with all reviewers now.
          Cpdf:update notification.
          Cpdf: open message.

          Uncheck the third option"Show PDF/A message again" to suppress the following messages:
          PDF/A:The current file is compliant with PDF/A and has been opened read-only to prevent modification.