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How to keep Lumin from taking control from Phantom PDF

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  • How to keep Lumin from taking control from Phantom PDF

    I use Google Chrome for my browser in Windows 10. Phantom pdf is my system default for all pdf files. Except that Google Docs and Chrome seem to only recognize Lumin. I hate any program that takes control of my computer. I've gone to settings and don't see Lumin mentioned anywhere in either Chrome or Docs. I don't find it in my app list. I don't find it in Chrome extensions.

    Foxit still works from explorer. I don't use any MS browser so don't know if that's affected.

    So how is Lumin able to take control when I've explicitly said I want Phantom pdf? I've never knowingly downloaded Lumin and assume it comes with updates to Chrome or ?.

    And how can I get rid of Lumin and get my entire system to see Phantom and/or a Foxit viewer to be recognized as my choice of app for use on my machine?

    Thanks for any help


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    Dear Harold,

    I am sorry to inform you that Goolge Chrome itself has disabled all NPAPI plugins, so all NPAPI plugins are longer be available in Google chrome includes our Foxit Reader web browser plugin.
    For details,you may refer to the following page:
    The Netscape Plug-in API ( NPAPI ) ushered in an early era of web innovation by offering the first standard mechanism to extend the browser....

    For opening online PDF file in google chrome,normally google chrome itself will call its embedded plugin"Chrome PDF Viewer"to display PDF document.
    In fact, the Google Chrome PDF engine is also implemented by Foxit PDF SDK.For more details,you may refer to the article in the following page:
    Google is responsible for some of the most important open source projects of our time. Chromium, the Google Web Toolkit and Android are just a few names that are synonymous with a company that began as an Internet search engine. While there are many other names on that list, one newer project shows enough promise to earn itself a spot on the list with the best of them; and that project is known as PDFium. PDFium provides developers the opportunity to leverage a standards-compliant and high performance PDF open-source software library to view, search, print, and form fill PDF documents and PDF forms. And Google has turned to Foxit’s PDF technology to supply the open source PDF rendering engine for this project.  Developers can use PDFium to deliver content via PDF files to users regardless of their computing platform or device. According to Eugene Xiong, Founder and Chairman of the […]

    And regarding the Lumin plugin that you mentioned,please help to take a screenshot about it for us to take a closer look at first,so that we can better advise.