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Save as: program should remember a current full name

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  • Feature Save as: program should remember a current full name

    Maybe I don't know how to change it in settings but when I want to save PDF with changing the name I don't see in the corresponding saving window the current (full) name of the document. Instead, I see a short version of it, like MATS_2~2.
    However, it would be convenient to have in this window the full name because usually I want only to add to the current name only a small addition, e.g. to "Report of 2013.03.13 with images" at the end "-version 2".
    If the current name is long it is difficult sometimes to remember it and type it without some errors.
    So, if it is not my overlooking of some settings please make it possible to appear a full old name in the "save as" window.
    BTW: I use windows 7, 64 bit version.

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    It has already a week passed from my posting this problem and still nobody acknowledged it.

    Does the Foxit staff read this forum at all?

    I hoped that at least administrator/moderator of this forum would answer here explaining if the problem really existed (not being a matter of settings) and forwarded my request to the corresponding Foxit department, giving here some estimated time of solving it.


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      Vacations cannot explain why after 2 weeks none from Foxit appears at forum. Foxit does not look to be a customer friendly company.


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        Hi Rszymans3,

        Sorry for this. The full name of PDF document shows up when I click on 'Save as' on my side. Could you please kindly let us know the full name of the PDF document you used for testing so I could test it and better process? Please also let us know the version info of your Foxit PhantomPDF. Thank you.


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          Hi Cherry,
          I have my vacations now and thus I am out of my work place. Today I installed at home the trial version of Foxit PhnatomPDF (on winxp 32 bit system and in virtualbox there on win7 32 bit) and see no problems in both systems.
          So it looks that it concerns Windows 7 Professional 64 bit system at my work. I have there the last version of Foxit PhantmPDF Business ( and always when the file name is longer than 8 characters I see the short version of it when I use "save as" function.
          I don't know if it is a bug of the program or only wrong settings in it or somewhere in win7 64 bit system. I hope you can clarify it and help.


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            One more observation: when the PDF document was created by me at work and saved there to the removable disk I now at home, using a trial PhantomPDF, can't see a long name when I try to use the "save as" function.
            So, it looks that the file name on the removable disk was written incorrectly (in the disk directory table - I don't know if by PhantomPDF or by my 64 bit win7 system). Renaming now (at home) the file to anything and back to the original name removes the problem. Thus I can conclude that the problem is connected either only with win7 64bit or with PhantomPDF in this environment. When I am back at work I'll check if files created in Acrobat behave similarly in PhantomPDF (both at work and at home).


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              Hi rszymans3,

              Look forward to your further update here. BTW, if you tried to save as a copy of the files that located in the removable disk at home, what would happen? Does it have something to do with the disk type?