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Unable to print encrypted PDF to PDF

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  • Bug Unable to print encrypted PDF to PDF

    I use Phantom Business and recently updated to v.6050618. When I try to print an encrypted document to PDF I now get a message that basically says "Printing an encrypted PDF to PDF is not permitted". This started recently - approximately two updates ago in late May. I have the password and can open the document fine. The security says printing is allowed and I can print the document with CutePDF and FoxitReader. What am I missing? There must be a setting that I have overlooked. All help is appreciated.

    Thanks - John

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    I confirm this bug. After creation of the password protected PDF I could not print to the Foxit printer this document although printing was not restricted (I still could print to a normal printer).


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      Hi John and rszymans3,

      It is a normal phenomenon that the document can not be printed with PhantomPDF's virtual PDF printer from within its program. That means, you can not open a PDF document from one program then print with the program's virtual printer. You may open the PDF document with Reader then print with Foxit PhantomPDF Printer or open the document with Foxit PhantomPDF program then print with Foxit Reader PDF Printer.


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        Hi Cherry,
        I checked and I can print a PDF document from PhantomPDF to PhantomPDF printer if a PDF document is not password protected. Only when a PDF document is password protected I can't do it.
        So, password protection changes it.


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          Yes, rszymans3, you're right.