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  • OCR Lost After Saving

    Sometimes when I open a pdf file, it'll recommend that I run OCR on it. Most of the time, I do it, then I save the file, and it works great. Every once in a while, after I run the OCR and save the file, it'll say that the pdf needs an OCR scan immediately afterward. This will happen every time for a specific pdf file. No matter how many times I run OCR and save the file, it'll always need to run OCR again. Why does this happen and how can I effectively get OCR to save on such files?

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    I did some more experimenting. I extracted the images of the pdf using PDF Tools. Generally, that gives me 1 image for each individual page. However, this time it gave me a bunch of garbled, weird looking images that couldn't even be seen in the pdf. I tried finding those images in the file using the Edit Object tool, but they strangely couldn't be found. I thought if I could find and delete them, then that might get the pdf to save the OCR. Whoever created this pdf seems like they incorporated a lot of unusual, hidden objects in it. That's probably what's messing up the OCR from saving.

    EDIT: I did find that, instead of Extracting Images, you can Export Images with PDF Tools. You can then compile those extracted images into a PDF using the Create PDF From Images option with PDF Tools. After doing that, OCR will finally save in the new document.
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      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I apologize for the inconvenience.Regarding this OCR issue you mentioned,please help to send us the scanned PDF file in question for testing purpose.
      If it is inconvenience to upload the file here, you may email it to (Attn:Lisa). And indicate this thread link. Thank you.


      • #4 I have got the PDF file sample from your the letter you sent. This OCR got lost after saving could be replicated on our part too,it has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-3765.I will keep you informed for any updates about it by email.