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Batch OCRing PDF files causes crash

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  • crash Batch OCRing PDF files causes crash

    I've discovered that our scanner settings have been tampered with and all the PDFs scanned in the last 6 months have not been OCR's to create searchable PDFs.

    I'm trying to use the PhantomPDF "Convert \ OCR \Multiple Files" option but each time I select any files, PhantomPDF crashes. It appears to happen after I've selected the files, then selected my file name options, when I'm asked to "Select OCT Engine". Language is set to English and I select the "Searchable Text Image" option. When clicking on OK, PhantomPDF will immediately throw up the Crash Report window. The "Send" button does not work here, so I am forced to click ether "Don't Send" or the close in the top right corner of the window. PhantomPDF then hangs completely and windows shuts it down, asking whether I'd like to send a crash report.

    PC specs are Win 7 Pro, SSD main drive, 1Tb secondary. i5 Processor. Files are sorted on the network but local files also cause the crash.

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    Hi GavinAber,

    Sorry for the trouble. To debug the issue, could you please provide us below information?
    1 Which version of Foxit PhantomPDF you are currently using? You could find the version info. under Help -- About Foxit PhantomPDF.
    2 Please provide the logs CRASH.DMP,CRASHLOG and OCR_Exception, which could be found under user folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Foxit PhantomPDF.
    3 Will the program crash when OCR a single file?


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      The version I'm using is

      I've attached the CRASHLOG.TXT file, but cannot upload the CRASH>DMP as the website tells me "Invalid File CRASH.DMP" via a pop up dialog box.

      Yes, same crash with just one file selected.

      Thanks for your assistance.
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        GavinAber Could you please help to send CRASH.DMP and OCR_Exception logs to The files are helpful to debug the error. Please add Attn: Doris in the subject so that I could check the message in time.