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PDF from document with OTF results in emtpy or scrambled pages for most users

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  • PDF from document with OTF results in emtpy or scrambled pages for most users


    The topic says it already: I printed a Microsoft Access 2010 report, that uses Open Type Fonts (OTF). While the PDFs look perfectly fine on my computer (Windows 10, 64 Bit) and on my smartphone (Foxit PDF on BlackBerry PRIV / Android 6.0), most recipients (Win, Mac, Android, iOS, multitude of PDF readers) experienced massive problems ranging from scrambled fonts to empty pages.

    I did check "embed all fonts" in the printing properties. Checking the font properties reveals that "True Type subsets" have been embedded. Shouldn't embedding the font result rather in Postscript subsets? And if only TrueType subsets can be embedded - shouldn't Foxit Phantom PDF be able to create proper font subsets for the documents?

    I already raised a ticket with Foxit support, but did not receive any answer so far.

    I am desperately looking for a solution, any help is highly appreciated. Please do not advise me to use True Type Fonts (TTF) instead.


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    Please provide the Ticket number you got after you emailed to Also, please provide the PDF document in question and a screenshot of the problem, we'll then test it out on our side and better advise. If it is inconvenient to upload the files here, you may email to as well. Thank you.


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      The ticket number is [FOXIT #154183] and I just sent an update to the ticket with a sample PDF file.


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        Thanks. We'll take a closer look at it and get back to you by email.


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          Thank you very much. I would appreciate it, if the ticket could get a high priority, as I am unable to send invoices.


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            The support is trying to find out something - but it is now almost a week that I cannot create proper PDFs - that is crazy.
            Has anybody else ever had problems with OTFs in documents, especially Access Reports? I guess the problem is exotic, but I am desparate as I am left alone with my problem.


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              The forum says "emtpy response" whenever I start a topic or reply - quite annoying.


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                Here's the temp workaround, please open the PDF that can be viewed fine on your side in Foxit Reader/PhantomPDF, then go to "File"->"Print" then choose Foxit Reader/PhantomPDF printer and check "Print as Image" to generate a new same PDF document and send to others. PDF document created with this method is an image PDF document and it can be display without the fonts.

                To further investigate the issue, I encourage you to provide us the Access report so we could test the problem on our side and better advise. Thank you.