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Cannot switch focus back to Outlook

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  • Cannot switch focus back to Outlook

    Has anyone else experienced the issue where FoxIT PhantomPDF will not allow the focus to be switched back to Outlook after opening a PDF attachment? Sometimes it won't allow focus to be switched to any other program either, but not often, until it is completely closed.

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    Dear cpuandnet,

    I apologize for the inconvenience.This issue you mentioned couldn't be replicated on our part. We would like to suggest you install our most current version of
    Foxit PhantomPDF 9.0 to see if it helps on your part.Please download it from the link below:
    If it still doesn't make any difference,please help to send us the following information for further investigation:
    1:Your OS information(eg:mine is windows10x64bit).
    2:The version number of your MS outlook application.
    3:How did you try to switch back to outlook application?Did you click on the "Outlook" icon on taskbar and select one of the pop-up outlook
    windows to restore the window.
    4:It is better if you could help to use the LiceCap tool to generate an animated gif that shows how to reproduce the problem for our referencing.
    Here's the download link:
    (Unzip it, then double-click on licecap file, you can then specify the recording area then hit "Record", it requires naming the file first then start recording.)


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      I have experienced similar issues with icons in the taskbar "freezing" when Foxit is open. The different icons return to function after Foxit is closed. Foxit is the default PDF reader. I have tried different PDF readers without an issue. I have had this issue for months and have reported it to Foxit, who cannot solve the problem. I suspect it is a Foxit bug associated with Windows 10 and possibly Microsoft Edge, which by default wants to be the default PDF reader.


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        Dear Joseph,

        Regarding the task bar icons are non-responsive issue,it has been reported in our internal bug tracking system with report ID#QCPHANTOM-6871.
        Now we still need your help to send us the following information:
        1:When the issue happens,please open your system's task manger, look into the Process tab, make sure CPU and GUI Objects visible on screen,
        and make screen shots for us to see if the CUP and GDI is consumed highly by Foxit PhantomPDF.
        2:When the issue happens,please help to wait for some time to see if icons on task bar will become responsive again? If so,please help to
        estimate how long it will take you to wait for icons to be changed to normal?
        3:When the issue happens again,please help to instantly close Microsoft Edge on background from task manager to see if those icons on task bar will recover to normal once you close MS edge?
        4:Please help to follow the "Change the Default by Using Default Programs in Control Panel" part in this article to set Foxit Reader as default to see the issue will be disappeared?

        Look forward to your reply.