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Printed Comment Notes Font Size - any way to increase it?

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  • Printed Comment Notes Font Size - any way to increase it?

    Is there any way to increase the printed comment Notes size? The printed Notes are much, much too small to be of any real use. I use Notes all the time in my educational research of old texts.
    I've looked through past posts and since 2014 when this question has been asked the standard reply has been; 'I'll pass this on to the production team' 4 years seems a long time to be in development for such an obvious problem.

    If there is a way and I've missed it, I apologise and I'd appreciate someone pointing it out.
    Besides this, this is one excellent PDF application.

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    It has already been supported to set font size for popup notes since version 9.0. To change the font size, you try this: Go to "Comment"->click "Note" then place the cursor in the input field of the note, you'll see a "Comment Format" menu, you could set the size/color or any other properties there. Please give it a try. Thank you.
    If I misunderstand what you meant, please feel free to correct me.


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      Hi cherry and thanks for the reply.
      Yes, I've already tried that. Let me explain what happens when I change the font size.

      I insert a note and change the onscreen font size (using the Comment Format menu) from lets say 12pt to 16pt. Yes, the note text increases - great! ....but when I then scroll the page up say a couple of pages and then go back to the page with the note on - the note text has changed back to 12pt !!!

      Tried this with a number of different pdfs and they all act the same - if I try to change the size, colour or form (itlaic, bold etc.) the change shows on the note changes on screen but move away from that page and then go back and it's back to it's default type.

      If it's any help I'm using the current version of Foxit under Win10.


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        Thanks for the explanation. I've tested again and found that I could reproduce the mentioned problem if I change the font size/type/color after I added some text. (That is, I add some text in the note tool, then select the text and change the font type in "Comment Format"). But if I change the font type in Comment Format before I input any text in the "Note" popup, when I scroll back, the font type retained. You may give it a check as well.

        Regarding the font type defaults back to original issue, I've escalated it to Foxit internal bug tracking system for QA team and Dev team's further investigation. Report ID#: QCPHANTOM-7252. We'll post the update here. Or you may email to [email protected] to track the processing. Thank you.


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          Hi cherry... well that's a work-around for what's displayed on screen maybe but it still doesn't help printing in a larger font which is my main concern.

          If I do as you suggest, change the font say to 20pt and the text colour to red in the Comment Format menu before I start to type in the note box you're quite correct in that the note will show 20pt red text and will stay that way if you scroll the pdf pages.

          ...but when printed it still prints at the default tiny size font and in default text colour black.

          Scanned historical texts are my main stay of college research and require lots of 'typing in the margin' which Foxit comment notes are perfect for, but they must be able to be printed in a sufficient size. If they were to print in a specific colour and format that would be great too but I'd settle for just being able to alter the size of the printed note text.

          Thanks cherry for looking into this though I appreciate it.


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            So did you mean that the text in summary of comments in the printout is tiny after you clicked "Summarize Comments" in the print dialog? Could you please make a screenshot of the problem so I could better know the issue and escalate it for further processing? Thank you.


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              Hi cherry.
              Yes, when you print the note with 'Summarize Contents' the note prints tiny instead of the size you set it to.

              It's simple to reproduce this;

              1. Display a PDF and click on 'Comment'
              2. Click on the 'Note' icon and before you add any text to the note change the note text size. Set it to, well let's say 48pt (that's pretty big) and type some text
              3. Click on CTRL-P to print the PDF and click on 'Summarize Contents'
              4. Print the PDF along with the note and the note instead of printing at 48pt prints tiny.
              5. It also will not print in the colour or format you set the note text to.



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                Thanks for the details. I've reported the mentioned tiny text issue when printing with "Summarize Contents" as suggestion to PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-5745. Thank you.


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                  Here's quick update of QCPHANTOM-7252: Font size in note changed back to original after scrolling a couple of pages up, this issue has been fixed in the internal version of version 9.1.0. The formal release of Version 9.1.0 should be in early April. You may update to the new version and give it a try then. Thank you.