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Updater crashes - direct download?

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  • Updater crashes - direct download?

    Is there a way to directly download updates? I have been trying for some time now to update the 6.07 update through the updater and it crashes every time at the end of the download. THe updater gets to the end of the download and then crashes. It has to be ended through the task manager to get it to clear.

    I have attached Event Viewer information on the crash. In addition to the updater crashing, the fault causes DrWatson to crash - not that I have ever had DrWatson be of any use.

    Running on WinXPSP3, phantom version 6.02.
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    Dear VeeSpike,

    Could you plese kindly try to do the manual update and see if you could update successfully? Please uninstall your existing Foxit PhantomPDF from 'Control Panel'->'Add/Remove Programs'? Then download a new installer from our website and perform the installation:

    Please let us know if you can update successfully. Thank you.


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      Uninstalling worked.