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Reverse page order and save as new file

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  • Reverse page order and save as new file

    Hi everyone

    Is it possible in PhantomPDF to reverse the page order of a PDF file so that page 10 becomes page 1, page 9 becomes page 2 and so on? After reversing everything, I should be able to just save it as a new file. Reversing must happen automatically as there are hundreds of pages. I'm aware of the function to swap two pages but this is all manual and just one by one and thus useless im my case.

    Thanks for any help


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    Hi Marius,

    this is one of the two features I also asked in my post:

    Maybe the two are related.

    Thank you,


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      Hi Marius and NPS,

      This request 'reverse the page order physically"has been reported to our team, report ID:PHANTOM-729, they will consider it in future version.


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        Hi lyndi_wu

        That's great to hear! I really hope we'll see this one day.

        Thanks for your help and best regards



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          I have a solution if you have a scanner that scans front and back simultaneously - in my case I have an old "Neat" feed scanner. Their software is beyond horrible, but the scanner and the interface work great with Foxit.

          Anyway, if you scan the original FACE DOWN, and scan in duplex mode (i.e., both sides simultaneously) the document will be created with the pages in order!.

          If the original is one-sided, you can still scan as duplex, but delete the blank pages. Most scanner interfaces have this as an automatic option.

          Foxit, please add this functionality. Un-reversing dozens or hundreds of pages in a document would render the software almost useless for many potential customers. Including me, if I hadn't figured out this work-around!
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            Please implement a reverse page order option this is a very common problem and very frustrating!!!!


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              Your request has been submitted to our team, they will consider it.