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Updating to versions 6.1 of Foxit PhantomPDF Std and Foxit Reader

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  • Updating to versions 6.1 of Foxit PhantomPDF Std and Foxit Reader

    I am unable to update these programs via the Foxit Updater. How best should I proceed? Download the entire new programs, uninstall old programs, install new programs? Will I need to manually activate the new programs or will my existing license keys be automatically transferred?

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    Same problem. Foxit Reader update "manager" doesn't find any available update (for v6.1). Maybe the server is busy? but doesn't give a reason or error msg, just finds no updates. If in a hurry, could d/l the entire 6.1 installer, then install over the top of existing version. Though "over the top" installations are supposed to work - for the reader - AFAIK, if I have any software that's several versions older than newest release (like from v5 to v6), I usually uninstall then do clean installs. Most times, you may get away w/ not doing this, but when installations for SOME software fail, time to clean up the mess will pale in comparison to uninstalling 1st.


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      When I checked for updates via the help menu today, the update was mentioned.
      I installed the update and have now version when I start the program.

      So far so good

      HOWEVER !
      When I try to open a pdf-file via the FILE-tab and OPEN, the new PhantomPDF crashes !!
      This happens every time I try to open a PDF file this way.
      There is something wrong with this version.
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