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Can standard stamps be removed? or can (standard) stamp categories be hidden?

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  • Can standard stamps be removed? or can (standard) stamp categories be hidden?

    Thanks in advance, couldn't find anything on this with a search in the forums... We are in trial mode for PhantomPDF standard, hoping to buy soon.

    My users use a lot of custom stamps, and when they go to insert a stamp, they would like to *only* see their custom stamps. Right now, All the "standard" stamp categories and stamps are visible, and appear at the top of all the stamps, with custom stamps at the bottom. There seems to be no way to reorder stamp categories or hide stamp categories, or to have a Quick Access toolbar button that only shows one stamp category.

    Am I missing something? Is there any way to stop showing the "standard" stamps or reorder them so they are at the bottom?

    Obviously it would also work to be able to just *delete* the standard stamps, but I don't seem to be able to do that either.

    Thank you,

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    Yes, the standard stamps could be hidden. You may right-click on Foxit PhantomPDF icon at the desktop to "Open file location" then find the "stamps" folder, then change the name of this folder. (E.g. stamps33). After that, you'll find the stamps folder hidden. If you want them back, just change the name back. Thank you.


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      Is there an option for Foxit Reader? I have renamed and deleted the folders and they are automatically recreated. I even tried editing them in Adobe to make them smaller and they were automatically restored. Also you are saying the stamps folder; I only want to hide the Standard Stamps folder under the Stamps folder.



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        Sorry, the Standard stamps is the built-in folder that can not be removed.