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  • PDF Doc Pagination

    I have PDF docs that come to me in the following format: Bookmarks that represent each Exhibits of the file. Within the exhibit each page is paginated like this: "1A (Page X of Y)" I want t create a box text box for each page that repeated this bookmark text such that one need not look over to the Bookmarks to now the page you are viewing is Exhibit 1A (Page X of Y). I want to be able to look at the page view and have a text box at the top that repeats the info found in the Bookmark. Any ideas?

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    Stan Denman ,Thanks for your post.I am sorry that there is not any way to make the bookmark text to be added into the destination page automatically.
    You have to manually add the bookmark text into PDF page manually(such as select the Textbox tool under the "Comment"tab to add the bookmark texts).