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  • Field from Custom Document Property

    Can someone advise how I can populate form fields from Custom document properties that are created within a PDF file?

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    I am afraid it is not supported yet, we will report it as suggestion to our PM team for future evaluation. Before doing that, could you please describe your request and user scenario as detailed as you could so our team could better understand and consider it, thank you.


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      Scenario as follows:

      PDF to be used as a template and it is desirable to assign a reference ID to the outgoing document.
      Metadata in the form of a Custom property is created (File>Properties>Custom)
      That meta data could be called as a the value for a form field (through Javascript or otherwise).


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        That is to say, you have an interactive form template(There are several fields like Name, department, Address, Age, etc), you wish to fill-in the form field automatically by importing the data from Custom document properties in excel through javascript or otherwise, right?