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Lines are not of uniform thickness even though all are 1.0 thick

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  • Lines are not of uniform thickness even though all are 1.0 thick

    Hello !

    1. I edited a PDF using Foxit Reader v8.x. Sorry i don't remember exact version,
    2. I drew serveral lines (Comment) (all being 1.00 thick) using line tool on several pages in the PDF.
    3. I made certain headlines bold and capital using Foxit Phantom and then saved the PDF.
    4. When i next opened the same PDF using Foxit Reader, i see that the lines have become all of different thickness !
    There are many lines that are hardly visible. I checked the line thickness setting and it's same as before : 1.0
    5. I updated the Foxit Reader to latest version ( but the problem persists.
    I unistalled the old version completely before installing the new version.

    NOTE : This problem happens with only Foxit softwares. I have checked it in other PDF softwares (Adobe, Nitro etc)
    but nowhere i could find this problem. I have been observing this problem since old versions (7.0x)

    I have tried to upload the screenshot using all the extensions (jpeg, jpg, bmp, png) but the upload always gives error.
    Never had i seen such badly coded forum.

    Please try to re-produce the scenario yourself as i have mentioned and let me know the fix.
    There should be several lines in different pages. I have checked that the problem does not occur when the number of lines or pages are less (within 5)

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    Sorry for the trouble.After carefully evaluating the bug and trying to reproduce the issue based on the information provided, we are not able to reproduce the issue? Does it happen to any pdf files? Would you please help to send us the pdf file in question for internal test?If it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to [email protected]. Thank you in advance.