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PhatomPDF Standard update hangs (ver

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  • cherry
    Sorry for the delay. Can the 'Check for updates' work for you now?

    @Howard, For the rolling back installaion, please try as following:

    Solution 1:

    winprint.dll: C:\Windows\System32\spool\prtprocs\w32x86
    winprint.dll may be removed by a deinstallation (windows OS part). Possibly not done by a Foxit removal.
    Copy winprint.dll back to the right directory and reboot pc, then try to install again.

    Solution 2

    It may be caused by some modules that missing from your Windows system. For this issue, First ensure you have the latest Windows Service Pack installed. If this doesn't solve the problem, follow these steps.
    1. Check that the file 'framedyn.dll' is present on your system in the \Windows\system32\wbem directory.
    2. If not, copy the 'framedyn.dll' file from another Windows computer to the \Windows\system32\wbem directory.
    3. Right-click on 'My Computer' and select 'Properties'.
    4. Click on the 'Advanced' tab followed by the 'Environment Variables' button.
    5. Under System variables highlight the Path entry and click the Edit button.
    6. Add '%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;' into the Variable value text box and click OK.
    7. Restart your computer and install PhantomPDF again.
    If this doesn't resolve, please do these:
    1. Find the "Remote Restore Service" in the "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Services window.
    2. Right click on it and select Enable to see if you are able to start it. If you get an error message, that demonstrate the system restore feature was streamlined.
    3. Please copy the 'srclient.dll' file from another Windows computer to the \Windows\system32 directory. This will require the Windows package CD or ISO package to finish the install

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    I have the same problem; toward the end of the installation, suddenly the install program rolls back. Suggestions were that the framedyn.dll and the environental path were corrupt, but that is the case and I have tried different types of fixes including removing absolute all traces of any Foxitsoftware from my PC for installation all with no success. So it looks like we are at roads-end until the revision to the installer occurs. BTW version 6.0.7 was also bad with the same installation characteristics. /Howard

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  • Fergus
    started a topic PhatomPDF Standard update hangs (ver

    PhatomPDF Standard update hangs (ver

    PhantomPDF Standard hangs when searching for update.
    (I note that the plugin for update FoxitInnerPluginFoxitUpdater is

    The progress bar gets about two thirds of the way, then it stops progressing.It may be cancelled and the program still works, but no update checking is possible.

    I'm running Windows 8.1

    Any help gratefully received,