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Saving print settings for one pdf only

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  • Saving print settings for one pdf only

    I have created a 2 page pdf from MS Publisher - all good. I want others to be able to print the pdf on paper from a website in landcsape, 2 sided, flip on short side, without having the hassle of going to print settings or asking me. Is there any way these print settings can be saved using Phantom pdf before uploading to the website for this one document only? Any advice greatly appreciated.
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    mbone ,
    Thanks for your post. For this request you mentioned,you should add a print button in the corresponding PDF file and preset the print settings by writing
    Javascript scripts in the button .Then other users could just click on the print button in the PDF file to execute the scripts for printing PDF file with the print settings that you have preset in JS codes.For how to do that,you may refer to Foxit JavaScript Scripting Guide document: